CGeomap Tutorials

This overview of CGeomap has been created in the context of a workshop at the British Library.

CGeomap - tutorial 01

In this CGeomap tutorial we will create a simple entry with an audio and an image. We will also create a secret entry only available at the location.

CGeomap - tutorial 02

In this CGeomap tutorial we will create a module of text and a module of links. We will create a link opening a pop up window to show a web page. (NO voice over)

CGeomap - tutorial 03

In this CGeomap tutorial we will create internal links between entries of a same map. (NO voice over)

CGeomap - tutorial 04

In this CGeomap tutorial we will learn how to modify, hide or erase an entry. (NO voice over)

CGeomap - tutorial 05

In this tutorial we will integrate a youtube video. (NO voice over)

CGeomap - tutorial 06

In this tutorial with CGeomap we are changing the vertical order of the audiovisual modules on an entry. (NO voice over)

Locative Media editing tips and tricks

A list of useful online tools to optimize your media before uploading on the CGeomap editor.

Stacks Image 774_25
+ info

optimize the weight of images

Stacks Image 774_42
+ info

online bitmap editor

Stacks Image 774_56
+ info

photo editing & collage

Stacks Image 774_70
+ info

collaborative text writing

Stacks Image 774_84
+ info

find free bitmap and vector images

Audio Converter
Stacks Image 774_98
+ info

online audio converter

Stacks Image 774_112
+ info

find free sounds for your entries

BBC sounds
Stacks Image 774_126
+ info

find free sounds for your entries

adjust audio level
Stacks Image 774_138
+ info

adjust audio level

mp3 cutter
Stacks Image 774_154
+ info

online mp3 cutter

Online Voice Recorder
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+ info

record your voice online

Color Picker
Stacks Image 774_182
+ info

pick colors to get the value

Stacks Image 774_196
+ info

counting the number of characters