Our technological solutions


1 editor account on the CGeomap map for small projects and prototypes

Starting at 950€ +vat

server yearly cost: 150€


A formula for education and professional training with a theoretical / practical online course and a special rate.

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1 original map + 5 sub-maps + 20 publisher accounts for a complete and independent installation of the platform on your server.

Starting at 6500€ +vat

Explorer Account service Cost
1 map / webapp + 1 user account basic personalized design € 1149,50 vat included
online workshop introduction in use of editor € 0 (2 sessions)
online support (optional) assistance in design and editing €488 vat included (8 sessions)
server hosting for 1st year server renting and maintenance €0
server hosting for following year(s) (optional) server renting and maintenance €181,50/year vat included