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Ecumenopolis map


A mini workshop with Play On to gamify the public space.

the city as a canvas

In the book City of Glass writen in 1985, Paul Auster describes a detective following the trajectory of a character writing a secret message by walking.

the body as a pencil

Since early 2001, artists started to use the GPS to draw with their body by walking. The GPS Drawing website (link below) has been created by Jeremy Wood.

The city as a body

Since early 2010, locative sotrytelling is understood as a form of Walking Cinema where tthe main character is the city. This illustration has been created by the artist Sam Loman.

Description of the practice

We will not use CGeomap yet but Google Maps to explore previously some creative concepts of Locative Media.
Ecumenopolis map

the practice

Step one: let's occupy the map together and write the word "Peace" all over the world, following the streets of the city of your choice and in the language of your choice. A snapshot of your locative writing will be uploaded on the CGeomap Play-On map. This practice with Google Maps is ment to understand the potential of the body in motion and how we can expand the way we feel the city. A simple game would be to invite other people to descifer a secret message by walking the city in different ways. See below some examples of gamification with CGeomap. If you want to try CGeomap, please use the contact form and tell us about your idea of gamification.

Step two, open the shared Google Maps and write some "Peace" words in the languages of your choice. Be aware that to edit this map you have to be previously loged in with a Google account. Be sure to be loged-in before opening the link. When you are editing, you have to reload the map regularly to refresh the content. If you have no Google user account or don't want to log-in, we invite you to take sceen shots of the words you can discover on the map.

Ecumenopolis map

following up

You are excited by the potentials of Locative Media and you have an idea to use the CGeomap Play-on map. Please contact us through the contact form below and share your view with us and we can facilitate an extra online session and a user account for you to try CGeomap. Be aware that CGeomap is not free, we do not just facilitate user accounts but elaborate projects. CGeomap is ment to introduce an understanding of Locative Media and to facilitate the creation of resilient networks of people locally and globally.

Gaming with CGeomap

Examples of gamification with the CGeomap editor.

Tierrra Mágica

Ecumenopolis map
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Collaborative Locative Media

mobile / desktop

CGeomap is an easy editor and a simple to use web app, autoplaying audiovisual content via the GPS of your mobile device or with QR codes, and as well on a desktop digital map.

Locative Time Media 2.0

We introduce the next generation of creating and experiencing locative media, with cutting edge web technology. CGeomap permits you, individually or in a group of editors, to publish and share your media contents with QR code and GPS geolocation, indoors and outdoors in time and space based storytelling.