Write with Locative Media in the public space

We are a international network of professionals, we know how to create locative content in the field of art, history, cinema, documentary, literature and ecology. We have a long history in creating walks, sound maps and locative games. We know the importance of creating and geolocating content that helps us to connect better with the public space, with our history, our roots. Over the years and projects, we have created the html5 based tool CGeomap, locative media editor to facilitate the creation of content and access to locative experiences from any smartphone web browser.

Creating with CGeomap

We use CGeomap to teach locative media and create outdoors experiences during online courses and workshops in collaboration with artists, cultural institutions and universities. We also facilitate individual user accounts for creators who want to build and distribute original web-apps with CGeomap. Getting access to the editor has a cost, check the resources page for more information. We invite everyone to participate in the free collaborative projects we organize if you want to know the network and discover the potentials of locative media. If you want to know more about our online courses, please visit our website

Collaborative projects

ERYTHRO’POÏESIE - the Krar Phone

Azmari project

As a plea for the cause of refugees, for inclusion in the face of racism and as a means of shedding light on an essential part of our contemporary history, the digital and poietic device Krar Phone tries to show how much the presence of "the foreigner who comes" Is a chance for all. The word Azmari designates the Habesha (Abyssinian) storytelling poets. The root Ge‘ez azämärä, means to appeal, to witness. They comment on contemporary history and summon their roots. A project by the Gigacircus french Arts Collective in collaboration with the eritrean musicians and singers.



Sound Walk September 2020 Awards honourable mention

A Different Lens

A Different LENS, by Elspeth (Billie) Penfold, is a sound walk that takes place around Margate, and incorporates the voices of contemporary walkers, as well as the words of writers through the ages, who were visually impaired or blind.

WALKING ARTS - Ecumenopolis


the whole world is one city - at the British Library

CULTURAL HERITAGE - Enclave Cultura Territorio

Enclave Cultura Territorio

The city of Murcia is geolocating several layers of information with the creation of 5 different maps, walking tours (history,archaeology,legends and traditions)


Oika Cosmosis Map

The amercian ecologist and scientist Rich Blundell is teaching the values of ecological intelligence. Participants geolocate memories of their interaction with Nature at a Earth scale.


Mapa del Exilio Español

The centro Cultural Español de México (CCEMX) is coordinating a large scale geolocation of memories of the Spanish Exile to Central and South America between 1936 and 1939.

Storytelling projects

Forest Talk Radio by David Merleau

Forest Talk Radio

2019 Museum of Walking International Sound Walk Sunday Award (United Kingdom) 2019 Conservation Innovation Award (ON Canada)

The Laurier Woods Edition

the Laurier Woods edition, weaves together folktales and forest science to produce an Ol'fashion radio comedy experience delivered right to your smartphone as you walk the Orange and White trail of the Laurier Woods Conservation area in North Bay Ontario, Canada.

Learn & participate

  • A Different Lens

    a project coordinated by Elspeth Billie Penfold
    in Margate, UK

  • Libraries as Gardens

    join this collaborative project (free)
    coordinated by Geert Vermeire

  • Earth Day 2021

    join this collaborative project (free)
    coordinated by Fred Adam &


Core Team

Horacio González

Horacio González

V 1.0 Coding magician

Horacio González is a coder and artist, member of the Escoitar art collective, pioneer in locative sound maps since 2010, creator of the first version of CGeomap.

+ info

Verónica Perales

Verónica Perales

Editor & Course Trainer

Verónica Perales is a fine arts teacher at the university of Murcia in Spain, artist eco-feminist and runner drawing with her steps.

+ info Species in Between map

Fred Adam

Fred Adam

Editor & Course Trainer

Fred Adam is an artist and art director, specialist in technology and ecology, co-creator of, and the database

+ info Earth Stories map

Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire

Editor & Course Trainer

Geert Vermeire is a curator, artist, poet with a focus on spatial writing, locative sound & performance and social practices, integrating collaborative processes, within an ecological framework. Co-creator of

+ info Ecumenopolis map

Jacques Bigot

Geert Vermeire

V 2.0 Coding magician

Jacques Bigot is an artist, long distance cyclist and Jedi programmer with an impressive trajectory of collaboration with pioneer european art collectives using programming in their creative process since the early 90th.

+ info

Chari Cámara


Chari Cámara is an artist and educator, specialist in gamification. She has amazing skills to gamify and create cool illustrations to tune CGeomap.

+ info Mapa Mekiplay GAMING CGeomap


Mirian Iñiesta


Mirian Iniesta is an advanced Enclave Cultura Territorio project editor. Expert in Art History and management of historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

+ info Enclave Cultura Territorio

Gabriel Nicolás


Gabriel Nicolás is an advanced Enclave Cultura Territorio project editor. Expert in Art History and management of historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

+ info Enclave Cultura Territorio

Xoan Xil López

Sound Editor

Xoan Xil is a sound artist, member of the Escoitar art collective, pioneer in locative sound maps since 2010.

+ info

David Merleau


David Merleau is a Canadian storyteller giving a voice to nature with locative media, member of the network Storytellers of Canada, creator of the project Forest Talk Radio.

+ info FTR map

Samir Delgado

Locative Poetry

Samir Delgado is a writer, art critic, cultural manager and journalist. Expert in Latin American literature and poetry. Creator of the workshop Nepantla.

+ info Nepantla map

Elspeth Billie Penfold

Walking Artist

Elspeth Billie Penfold explores the depths of creation with locative media, rooted into local communities and the memories of ancient civilizations. Her art installations intertwine the millenary tradition of Quipu knots with contemporary threads that she co-creates on the digital walkable maps with CGeomap.

+ info A Different Lens map

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web-app CGeomap

Web App

Just share the url of your locative creation and people are ready to walk it straight from their mobile phone's web browser with GPS and data activated.

Video Tutorials CGeomap

update v2.1 (2021/02)

Thanks to the projects you are doing with CGeomap, we can improve constantly the editor and the user experience on the desktop and the mobile phone. The creative programmer Jedi Jacques Bigot, onboard since summer 2020, delivered several optimizations and two very exciting new features, Diaporama and Mix-Maps now available.

  • New Diaporama feature available on desktop for the creation of slideshows with your images on each entry.
  • New Mix-Maps feature, possibility to combine 2 different maps, for example a general view abstract map paired with a satellite view when zooming very closely.
  • Touching the title of the entry from the bubble now opens the audiovisual content on mobile.
  • We added a close button on the upper right corner of the bubble on mobile phone.
  • 15 seconds audio rewind button available from bubble.
  • Custom QR image when loading a direct url from a QR reader on mobile phone.
  • Dark mode template available with black background and white text.
  • Animated graphic for the splashscreen on mobile phone.
  • possibility to customize the link button at the bottom of categories on mobile phone to point at your website.
  • Fixed cache issues on the server.
  • Audio and pictures maximum weight incremented to 8 mb (4G recommended).
  • New cool gamification examples with CGeomap.